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What to Expect with a
Jack Caton Roofing Team Installation

1. You Choose Your Colors & Style


There are quite a few colors to choose from, depending on the brand of shingles you selected for your installation. The more roof that shows from the street, the more important your choice of colors and style becomes. A roof replacement presents an opportunity for you to take a fresh look at the color scheme of your home and choose a color and style that showcase your favorite areas. And if you have plans to paint the body or trim of your home in the future, be sure to consider those future changes, too!

As one of the leading roofing companies in the Colorado Springs area, we provide a total roofing experience and pride ourselves on helping homeowners make the best decisions regarding their roofs. If you live in a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association or covenants regarding installing a new roof or changing its color, make sure to get approval from the association and or the Architectural Control Committee before the installation.

Even if you aren’t changing your roof's color, it doesn’t mean the HOA isn’t interested in your new roof. Some areas have HOA stipulations regarding the style and even the weight of new roof installations. Getting HOA or management company approval can sometimes take a while, especially if you need to present your request at a monthly meeting. We will be happy to help where we can, but ultimately, communication with the HOA is your responsibility as the homeowner.

2. We Review the Insurance Claim Estimate & Draft Our Paperwork


As one of the most responsive and forward-thinking roofing contractors in Colorado Springs, we are recognized for going the extra mile to inform our customers throughout the process. Upon reviewing the insurance claim estimate, we will prepare our internal workbook or cost sheet to determine if the insurance company correctly estimated the job. We also check to see if their estimate adequately reflects current damage repair costs and is consistent with the area payment standards.

If there are minor discrepancies, we will take them up with your insurance company. If there are significant disagreements, we will ask you to work with us to resolve them so we can install your roof on time. If there are significant or costly differences, we will get them squared away before starting the work or ordering the material, but we will need signed paperwork from you before the insurance company's claims representative will speak with us. They must protect your privacy, and we respect that.

3. You Approve the Paperwork & Provide Your Signature


Once we prepare the paperwork, we email it to you for your review and approval. If you have questions or concerns, we invite you to contact us to discuss the issues and resolve them before signing anything.

We’ve made things easy using DocuSign for our documents. We send them to you electronically, you review them and if they meet your approval, simply click and they are signed. No more printing and scanning.

A few places on the paperwork require your initials in addition to your signature at the bottom. Generally, we highlight areas that need your initials in yellow. They typically pertain to the brand and type of shingle and the color of the shingle to be used. If drip edge is being installed, we will often ask that a homeowner initial their approval of the paint color.

4. You Submit Your Deposit


We generally require a deposit unless it is a home sale that is closing in a matter of days or a few weeks, and arrangements have been made for us to be paid from the proceeds of the sale. Typically the deposit is about one-half the total cost of the job. We accept checks and electronic fund transfers from your bank account to ours. We do accept credit card payments for our work but there is a portal charge of about 3%. It can be a tidy sum and there is no rush. Send us a check.

5. We Prepare for the Installation


After receiving the approved paperwork and the deposit, our office will send purchase orders for the material and the roofing crew. When our team receives copies of the purchase orders, we will email you with the dates for the delivery of materials and the installation of the roof.

It is common for roofing company suppliers to use a conveyor belt to unload the material and stack most of it on the roof. Each bundle of material can weigh as much as seventy-five pounds. When the material reaches the end of the conveyor belt, the unloader takes it by hand and drops it strategically on the roof. They try to place it as delicately as possible, but a slight jolt may vibrate through the house when they drop the bundle. We recommend taking fragile or delicately hung items off the walls to avoid them falling during the material delivery or installation.

Our roofing crews are conscientious professionals. They care about their work and your property, so they are mindful of your shrubs and flowers around the house. It is wise to move patio furniture away from the side of the house so that it isn’t in harm’s way if something should slide off the roof inadvertently.

We will pull a truck or trailer up to the garage to dump the debris on installation day. This truck or trailer will block the garage and driveway, so be sure to move your vehicles out of the garage and off the driveway if you plan on using them that day.

6. We Install Your New Roof!


Because we value relationships with our customers, we take pride in keeping folks informed. Our scheduling is done at least a week in advance, unless it is an urgent job, and we will let the property owner and others know the expected dates for material delivery and installation. The day before your project, we will also remind everyone involved that we will begin the installation the following day.

We have a field supervisor who will introduce himself to the occupant on the installation day, ensure that the work meets our high standards, and see that the grounds are left clean and free of debris. Our crews are independent contractors, not employees. They are licensed and insured.

Regional Building requires that we remove the old roof down to the decking. Roof removals and installations are hard, dangerous jobs. Our roofers are good at what they do and are careful about their well-being. As they tear off the old shingles to install the new ones, it may look as though they are haphazard with the debris. They are not. They want to get the old roof pulled off and the new roof completed so that your home is not vulnerable to leaking in the event of rain or some other weather event. These roofers work like a well-trained team with very little dialogue or banter. Our crews are not allowed to smoke on the property, nor are they allowed to play music. They want to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Installing a roof is noisy, no matter what. There will be a lot of banging sounds for at least an hour or two — and that’s before we install the new shingles! If possible, we recommend that you are not home while the crews are working, for your own sake. If you have a dog that may be anxious with all the noise, you may want to take them to a friend's house or another place where they can enjoy the day in peace. If you have a baby, we will do all that we can to accommodate your schedule. We’ll work together to give you the least inconvenience.

As the job is wrapping up, the crew will pick up all the debris that missed the truck or trailer. They will pick up tiny bits that may have fallen into the shrubs or lawn and use a magnet to find as many nails that fell to the ground as possible. It’s not unusual for a couple of nails to escape detection, so we urge you to be careful when kneeling in a flower bed or walking barefoot on the lawn after your installation.

7. We Provide a Post-Installation Inspection


We are a conscientious Colorado Springs roofing contractor, so we emphasize the quality and neatness of our work. Within a day of installing your new roof, our project manager or field manager will inspect the crew’s workmanship and the state of your property. If unused material is left behind, the project manager will take it with him. If trash is left behind, the roofing crew will come back and remove it. Our teams make every effort to pick up all debris and are very thorough in their cleanup process.

We take pride in our work, and we want you to be pleased with the entire job. If you are home at the time of the post-installation inspection, we will ask you to accompany us around the property to make sure you are pleased with our work and the condition of the grounds after cleanup.

8. We Will Follow Up & Follow Through


Within a few days of receiving your invoice payment, we will follow up with you to ensure everything worked out as expected. If the work we did was a part of the sale of a home, we will follow up with the new owners and help them get the material warranty transferred into their name(s) and make sure they know how to get in touch with us in the event of any issues having to do with the roof.
We encourage our customers and others to schedule bi-annual inspections with us to ensure your roof's integrity. There is no charge for our inspections, and we are happy to do them. There is a lot to be said for peace of mind.

Gutter Work

Keep in mind that we can also help you with siding, painting, screens and windows, damage to fences and decks, damaged skylights, and some interior work. Even if we don’t specialize in the kind of work, you need done, we know many of the very best to help you maintain your property. Don’t hesitate to call us, we will be pleased to refer you to someone who can help.

If we are also replacing your gutters and downspouts, we will complete that work after the roof installation. It isn’t prudent to install the gutters first, and then run the risk of damaging them when we do the roof. As with your roof, we will make every effort to inform you of the scheduled timeframe for the gutter work. After the gutter work is complete, we will inspect the premises to ensure the work area and yard are clean and free of debris.

A Note About Regional Building

Roofing contractors in Colorado Springs are required to obtain a building permit to install a new roof. And at Jack Caton Roofing Team, we always do. Upon completion of the roof, we advise Regional Building that the work has been completed and request that they perform a final inspection.

While we have no control over the Regional Building Department or their timelines, a phone call from the homeowner can help expedite the process. For example, suppose the home is under contract and pending closing, and the sale stipulates that the roof passes inspection before closing. In that case, Regional Building is much more responsive to a phone call from you explaining the situation. They are very accommodating for homeowners in this situation, but not for a roofing contractor’s special request.

Bear in mind that our labor warranty is fully transferable. If one of our installations does not pass inspection for any reason, we will immediately do anything necessary to make sure it passes the re-inspection.

Class 4 Impact Resistant Shingles

We live in hail country, so your roof will likely sustain damage in the future. Several roof shingle manufacturers make Class 4 Impact-Resistant shingles that can better withstand damaging hail than standard Class 3 Fire-Resistant shingles.

As your trusted roofing contractor, we suggest that you upgrade to Class 4 shingles should the opportunity arise. What’s more, many insurance companies offer discounts as high as 20-25% on their homeowners’ policy premiums when Class 4 shingles are installed.