Perhaps you are selling your house and have asked The Jack Caton Team to inspect your roof before it ever goes on the market. That’s smart because it allows so much more time if there are issues with the roof. Perhaps you have a contract on the house and the home inspector’s report indicates that the roof may have wind or hail damage or that the roof is old and deteriorated and you ask us to inspect the roof. It could be that you experienced some heavy and possibly damaging hail or wind in the recent past and believe that having your roof inspected is a good idea. It is.

Of course, you or your agent can call us or email us or you can use our new Website to order the inspection. You will receive an automatic reply via email that we have received your request and that we will contact you soon with the specifics as to the date of the inspection and who it is that will be doing the inspection. The Jack Caton Team is the only roofing contractor in the country using the JCRT Online Job Tracking System. It was specially designed to make the roofing experience more comfortable and seamless for everyone involved.

When we set the inspection time an email will be sent to you and your agent letting you know that the inspection date has been set or you my schedule the date and the time when you use the JCRT System to request the inspection.

We are pleased to let people know that their roof is free of defects and are happy to provide a 5-year roof certificate upon request.

New asphalt shingle roof
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As a conscientious roofing contractor, we do complete inspections of the roof and other parts of the property when asked to do an inspection resulting. When the inspection has been completed, the property owner receives a full written report regarding the condition of the roof and other parts of the property, if applicable along with photos that show indications of the damage we found. We will issue a report even if there is no damage and will include a photo of the front of the house and a couple of the roof.

In some instances, the report will be sent within minutes of the inspection being completed and in others it may be a few hours before the report and photos are sent. If this is a roof that needs to be replaced and we believe that that there is sufficient damage to warrant initiating a claim and the property is under contract or pending closing, we may call you or your agent right away so the insurance company claims department can be called immediately and arrangements can be made for their adjuster to inspect the roof and other parts of the property. Even if we call you the report will still be sent along with the photos.

Among our credentials as a quality roofing contractor is our intimate knowledge of the real estate business. Jack Caton of the Jack Caton Team was a real estate professional in the Pikes Peak area for thirty years and understands the nuances of the real estate business. Our understanding of real estate contracts and mortgage financing make us a uniquely qualified roofing contractor able to help real estate professionals and their clientele handle roofing challenges seamlessly.

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