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Perhaps you suspect that you have wind or hail damage to your roof or it’s old and want to get an opinion of its condition from a licensed roofer. The first step is to call us or go to and request that we perform a thorough inspection of the roof and its parts such as flashing, pipe boots and vents. It’s a free roof inspection, there is no obligation for this service. We believe it is prudent to have your roof checked every few years because it’s not easily visible on a day to day basis but is an integral part of the building. A minor issue on the roof can cause extensive damage inside if it goes unattended.

We are pleased to be able to tell property owners and their agents that the roof we have inspected is in good condition and needs no repair or maintenance. Knowing there is nothing to worry about provides a certain peace of mind.

It is especially helpful to know the condition of a roof before you put your property on the market for sale. At some point there will likely be a home inspection paid for by the buyer. Normally the first part of the property to be inspected is the roof. Knowing that any minor repairs have been taken care of or that you are ahead of the curve with respect to replacing the roof if necessary, then there won’t be any lengthy delays or unnecessary stress regarding the roof.

If you are asking us to inspect your roof for hail damage we will take the time to inspect the entire property for hail damage including siding, paint, gutters, windows and window screens, patio doors, decks, patio covers, fencing, sheds, outside vents such as dryer vents and any other items that may have been damaged and provide you with a complete report including photos of the affected items. This is especially beneficial when dealing with an insurance adjuster to make sure that everything that should be included in your claim is included. We are experts at dealing with insurance companies should the necessity arrive.

Roofing companies abound in the Pikes Peak area and for the most part roof installers are all reasonably good. In addition to having crews we trust and have worked with for years, we believe our strengths lie in the high level of our service, our unique proprietary Jack Caton Roofing Team Online System at and our unparalleled communications.

Also included the Resource section here at are overviews of each step involved in having us replace a roof for you. We believe that too much information is infinitely better than too little information. We hope that if you have questions regarding the installation of your roof you will find the answers you’re are looking for in this section. If you don’t, we are happy to respond to your emails, speak with you on the phone or visit you personally.

Thank you, we look forward to serving you.